Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Want to do research in our lab?

This is what our lab meetings look like in Fall 2021

Here we are with faces on. Notice the faculty/grad student dress code vs. the undergrad dress code. (Just kidding. There is no dress code. Unless you are sent out to collect data at a community site. )

If you join our lab as an undergraduate research assistant, you will spend your first semester assisting with one or more research projects under the direct supervision of Dr. P or a graduate student, while enrolled in PSYC 40323. Here are some examples of things you might be doing:

If you are able to commit to spending more than one semester in the lab, you may have an opportunity to develop your own research project that you manage independently under the supervision of Dr. P or a graduate student. In this case your responsibilities expand to experiment design and planning, data analysis and visualization, and presentation of results (don't worry, we'll teach you do do all those things!)

Think this sounds right for you?  Apply here!

If you are interested in completing an Honors project or a McNair Scholar project in our lab, please contact Dr. Petursdottir.